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Tech Talk & Help 1 min. ago by Ruelle
Music 4 min. ago by Kosjeyr
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Filipino Community 6 min. ago by thgmikoy
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General Torrent Discussions Everything related to the torrents world is discussed here
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Site News & Announcements Latest site news and announcements
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Site Rules Please read before posting
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Torrent Issues Category changes, fake torrent information, general information about bad torrents
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Torrent Requests Can't find the torrent you want? Help is here.
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My First Torrent Please POST Here!
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Releasers For releasers who like to keep a thread
ChingLiu's Uploads 13 min. ago by ChingLiu
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VA Mixtape Collections by Users For All Members To Take Part~Come On!
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Help & Support
Tutorials (Standard Information) This area is for closed tutorials with useful and important Information
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General Troubleshooting Need help? Ask here.
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Torrent Software Torrent clients and other torrent software discussions
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Tutorials Help, Tutorials, Manuals and How To's
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Solved. All Solved Problems Go Here. READ Before Posting!
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Translation Department All Translation Issues And Problems.
English - Dutch 3 weeks ago by Eppo
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r00t and Nightmare tuts tutorials, discussions, polls, requests, and more
A hacking no no 19 hours ago by magengar
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Site Problems Please report all site problems you've discovered here
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Features Requests Want to improve the site experience? Got an interesting idea? Share your thoughts with us here
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Comics Comic discussions
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Mobile & Portable Devices Mobile/Portable Devices Discussions
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Anime Anime torrents discussions
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Software Software torrents discussions
Computer Hut 8 hours ago by Zer07
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Books Books torrents discussions
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Games Games torrents discussion
Games we will remember! 20 min. ago by Aumrae
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Movies Movies torrents discussions
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Music Music torrents discussions
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Other Other torrents discussions
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TV Shows TV Shows torrents discussions
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Cartoon Cartoon discussions
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Introduction Introduce Yourself
Hello from me to you :) 56 sec. ago by [AD-R]
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Radio stations List of user driven radio stations for KAT Community
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Tech Talk & Help Hardware, Software, Gadgets, Gizmos, and Help!
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Blog Releasers Thread Kickass Only Blogs Create a thread and post your blogs
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Site Friends Friends Of Kickass.
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Copyright Issues Anything To Do With Copyright
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Spam and Advertising Please Post Your Advertising and Spam here!
Please Download & Seed 5 hours ago by bob89
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Willies Art World. Personal Projects.
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Musical Instruments Forum For all the musically talented to discuss and share their advice and knowledge
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SeedBoxes For all help and discussions regarding seedboxes
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Ultra's Pictures and Fun Random Images And A Place To Have Some Fun.
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Progressive Art Home for the community's literary works
Published Poetry 1 week ago by stayricon
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KAT Lounge
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Birthday Section Post your Birthday here!
HaPpY bIrThDaY zeke23 2 hours ago by Chew
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Signature Creation & Training Forum From Litefoot and AfT3RLiF3 for all Users that would like to enter the world of signature designing
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Free Speech Offtopic talks, chat and anything else you want to discuss goes here
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The Pirate Ladies Cove The female community
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Yearly At KAT Appreciation Section Congrats on making 1 year 2 year you know what i mean
I'm Still here!! 1 week ago by musik40
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Sports Everything related to sport here
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Photography & Art Photos, photos and more photos
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Special Day Celebration Forum For all threads related to many special days that happen in the year.
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Former V Thread Section Threads for V1 V2 V3 type deals that are closed
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International Forum Languages From Around The World.
Australian Community 2 hours ago by Celery.
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Indonesian Community Komunitas Indonesia
mohon bantuannya... 1 hour ago by monyetgila
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Arabic Movies Category 13 hours ago by Beboonly
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Greek Community Ελληνική Κοινότητα
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Serbian Community Српска заједница - Srpska zajednica
Ћаскање 1 hour ago by shapaa
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Indian Community Kickass देसी भारतीय समुदाय
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Romanian Community Discuții în limba Română
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Scandinavian Community Skandinavisk Community
Skandinaviska Forumet 2 weeks ago by aciire
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Italian Community Community Italiana
Torrent Italiani yesterday by SPEEDY45
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Filipino Community Filipino Community
Pinoy Tambayan v5 6 min. ago by thgmikoy
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French Community Communauté Francophone
Nouveau membre ! 3 days ago by jaya33
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Dutch Community Dutch Community
Tv Shows Request 3 hours ago by BushBoB0
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XXX XXX torrents discussions.
ooops bootylicious 5 hours ago by crzdolmn555
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Adult Talk Where Adults Can Let Loose
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XXX Releasers For XXX releasers who like to keep a thread
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